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Glow in the dark with UV.

UV glow party in Kent

A party different from the normal.

Turn the lights out make the room as dark as possible and put on your neon clothes, because we are turning on the UV lighting. Our UV brings at bit of fun to the party and we can also provide UV balloons, UV bubbles and UV face / body paints. If you haven’t got neon clothes put something white on, that glows in the dark too.

Still the same as a disco party, but with UV cannons and UV starcloths and even though this is great for kids parties, if you are having a 40th birthday why not have a UV party instead. We do tell people who book this, the dark the room the better the effect.

So rings us up for a glow in the dark UV party or visit our UV WEBSITE to see more details and pictures of how a UV party works, either way contact us and we will see you at the next party when the lights o off and the UV comes on.